6 Accessories Every Laptop Should Have

Accessories Every Laptop Should Have

A laptop on it’s own is not enough to successfully do all the things you probably want to do. We’ve put together a list of the accessories every laptop should have, and why!

The 6 Accessories Every Laptop Should Have


Having a charger is the biggest no brainer for a laptop, right? How can you use your laptop for extended periods of time without an adequate power supply.

Some laptop chargers are convertible so that you can have a long or short cord depending on if you’re at your house (and close to an outlet) or out in public and need additional length to reach a place to plug it into a wall. Some chargers even have cases of their own to protect them!

Be careful when plugging your laptop into the charger. Too much force can cause problems that damage the plug. In the event of damage, Target PC offers laptop plug repair.

Keyboard Cover

Not everybody uses a keyboard cover, but everybody really should.

Think about all the times you’ve eating something messy while looking something up online? Or you’re at a coffee shop getting work done and crumbs from your cookie drop into the spaces between your keys?

There’s an easy way to prevent this unnecessary laptop damage, and it includes keeping your keys adequately covered from inevitable messes by you or others who may use your computer!

Another item to consider is a screen protector, though these are not as widely used. In the event that your laptop screen is beyond repair, Target PC can help fix it!

Hard Case

Hopefully you’re more careful with your laptop than your phone. You can drop your phone a bunch of times without any serious damage, but the same can not be said about your laptop.

One hard drop can absolutely ruin your laptop for future use or resale value. Even a small bump can do damage, which is why these cases are included as accessories every laptop should have.

To stack the odds in your favor, invest in a hard cover case that snaps on your laptop and gives it additional protection.

Laptop Bag

When transporting a laptop, you should provide as much care as possible. That’s why having a bag specifically to be used for your laptop comes highly recommended.

Women may seek a different solution along these lines, as most already carry bags of some type. Our suggestion for them is next.

Laptop Sleeve

If you’re a woman, you’re probably already carrying a purse with you everywhere you go. In your case, it may not make sense to have a separate laptop bag. Instead, invest in a good laptop sleeve to protect your laptop from the inner contents of your purse. Laptop sleeves are fun to customize according to your individual likes and tastes.

Wireless Mouse

Although laptops have some kind of built-in mouse or track pad, it’s usually beneficial to have another mouse that’s easier to physically move around. Even better is a wireless mouse.

Wireless mice are less bulky and less likely to get tangled up with other laptop accessories. Plus, they send a message that you’re not stuck in the past as technologies are rapidly changing.

To learn more about laptop accessories or for any number of laptop repairs, send us a message online or call (440) 725-0642.

Now that you’ve seen the accessories every laptop should have, do you need to add some to your shopping list? Or are there any we missed? Share your thoughts in the comments!

The Most Common TV Repairs & Their Causes

most common tv repair

At Target PC Inc, we see our fair share of electronics in need of repair. In addition to smartphones, tablets and laptops, we also specialize in the most common TV repairs.

If you are experiencing an issue with your television, you may – in some cases – be able to correct the problem yourself. In this short post, we will review a few of the most common TV repairs we do, and what you can try on your own before calling us.

If the problem persists, don’t let it concern you. The most common TV repairs are often simple and inexpensive for us to do for you.

Let’s begin by looking at some common display issues.

“There is a vertical or horizontal line in the center of my screen!”

If you experience a line or several lines in the center of your display, the single most common cause is something you can easily fix yourself.

Begin by checking all of your input cables. Display issues such as unwanted lines are often causes by loose inputs. Ensure everything is plugged in tightly.

If the problem persists, cycle through channels and switch to different video inputs. This will help to isolate the problem. If that line only appears on a certain channel or when using a certain device, there is likely nothing wrong with your TV.

Other common causes include dead pixels on your TV display, or loose connections or wiring inside the TV itself. Both of these issues can be repaired.

A common sign of loose wiring is if the line on your display changes when the TV is moved.

“My television isn’t producing any sound!”

Issues with audio are often caused by the problems affecting your display… as described above, begin by checking that all inputs are connected tightly.

Next, cycle through channels and different connected devices to see if the problem can be isolated to a single input. If you find that a single device is not producing sound, such as a DVD player or a video game console, there is likely nothing wrong with the television itself. You may be able to regain audio simply by switching the audio input to the device you are currently using.

If everything is properly connected, and none of your audio channels or inputs are producing any sound, it is time to explore the possibility that something may be damaged inside your TV.

It could, of course, by a wiring issue. But in most cases, especially if the TV has had power problems, it may be the result of damage to the internal speakers.

“My TV refuses to turn on!”

Although this may sound obvious, most power issues relating to televisions are the result of a power outage.

Are other electronic devices working in your home?

Did a circuit breaker snap off?

Did a power bar switch off?

If everything is working as it should, attempt to unplug the television and plug it back in. For best results, plug it directly into the wall rather than a power bar or extension cord.

Did this solve the problem?

Is the power cable securely plugged both into the TV and into the wall?

Also, are you attempting to turn on your TV from the unit itself rather than a remote? Remember that the issue could be with the remote itself, or the remote may simply be in need of new batteries.

If your TV still will not power on, it is possible that you have a loose power connection, or the fuse inside the TV has burned out.

If you live near Cleveland, Ohio, this would be a great time to contact our team of professionals at Target PC Inc. We can quickly diagnose the problem with your TV, and then give you an estimate to repair it back to working order.

Here’s What to Do with an Old Laptop

what to do with an old laptop

The thing about electronics is that they have a finite lifespan. What was once a powerful laptop used for business or gaming is now sitting in a closet and collecting dust.

Perhaps the hardware wore out, or maybe the technology is too outdated for your machine to do anything useful.

Whatever the case, consumers are often left wondering what to do with an old laptop.

In this short guide, we’ll provide you with a few different ideas.

Repair It

This option might seem a little too obvious.

If your laptop has a few broken parts – such as a damaged screen or a loose power connection – it is easy enough to to repair. In most cases, the cost of the repair will be less than buying a new laptop.

If you live in the Cleveland area, take a peek at our services page to see what we can do for you.

Give It One Job

If you’re wondering what to do with an old laptop that’s in otherwise perfect working condition, consider re-purposing it. In other words, give it just one simple task to do.

For instance, you could mount it to the wall and use it as a stationary calendar or photo frame. If you have a few broken keys, a battery that won’t hold a charge, or a damaged CD drive – it really won’t matter.

If you have a room in your house that doesn’t receive WiFi, you could turn your old laptop into a hotspot. Here is a guide on how to do that.

You could also use your laptop simply for its screen by connecting it to your desktop computer.

Use It for Parts

Removing and reusing laptop hardware can be rather tricky. This idea would be best applied by those more technically inclined.

For example, you could remove the hard drive from your old laptop, place it in an enclosure, and then use it as an external drive.

In some cases, you may also be able to salvage the CD drive, although finding an external enclosure for it may prove to be challenging.

Sell It for Cash

Computer repair stores, such as Target PC Inc here in Willoughby, Ohio, will often buy your laptops. We can use the parts, or sometimes even refurbish certain models for resale.

The answer to what to do with an old laptop is not to throw it away. Not only is that the equivalent of tossing money in the trash, but it is also not the environmentally responsible thing to do.

Instead, bring your old laptop into our showroom and we may be able to give you cash for it on the spot.

  • Trying to figure out what to do with an old laptop you no longer use?
  • Are you upgrading to a newer, more powerful laptop?
  • Do you need extra cash to pay for an unexpected expense?
  • Perhaps your laptop requires extensive repairs, and you simply cannot afford it?

Find more details on selling your laptop to Target PC Inc here.