Laptops Cleveland Ohio

Laptops Cleveland Ohio – Repairs, Upgrades & Virus Removal

Target PC Inc is a trusted name in laptop repairs throughout Greater Cleveland.

In fact, our expertly trained technicians have helped thousands of customers with issues ranging from cracked screens, loose power connections, restoring Windows, removing viruses, and repairing or upgrading hardware.

Put our years of expertise to work for you. No job is too big or too small. We work quickly, and we always offer fair prices.

It is also worth noting that we strictly use high quality parts when performing your repair.

Laptops Cleveland Ohio – What We Do

Laptop Screen Replacement
Target PC Inc replaces laptop screens that have been cracked or broken, or otherwise do not display properly.

Laptop Power Plug Repair
Target PC Inc can repair a loose power plug connection and batteries that don’t hold a charge.

Laptop Windows Repair
If your Windows operating system is not functioning properly, Target PC Inc can reinstall or restore it.

Laptop Virus Removal
Target PC Inc can remove viruses and malware that threaten your work, security, and slow down your laptop.

Laptop Hardware Repair
Target PC Inc can repair or replace hardware in your laptop, including memory and hard drives.

Laptops Cleveland Ohio – Models

If you are in need of service to your laptop, we are very familiar with Acer, Aspire, Gateway, Packard Bell, Asus, Dell, Alienware, Hewlitt-Packard, and Lenovo.

All Target PC Inc technicians are trained on every model of laptop on the market.

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