The Most Common TV Repairs & Their Causes

most common tv repair

At Target PC Inc, we see our fair share of electronics in need of repair. In addition to smartphones, tablets and laptops, we also specialize in the most common TV repairs.

If you are experiencing an issue with your television, you may – in some cases – be able to correct the problem yourself. In this short post, we will review a few of the most common TV repairs we do, and what you can try on your own before calling us.

If the problem persists, don’t let it concern you. The most common TV repairs are often simple and inexpensive for us to do for you.

Let’s begin by looking at some common display issues.

“There is a vertical or horizontal line in the center of my screen!”

If you experience a line or several lines in the center of your display, the single most common cause is something you can easily fix yourself.

Begin by checking all of your input cables. Display issues such as unwanted lines are often causes by loose inputs. Ensure everything is plugged in tightly.

If the problem persists, cycle through channels and switch to different video inputs. This will help to isolate the problem. If that line only appears on a certain channel or when using a certain device, there is likely nothing wrong with your TV.

Other common causes include dead pixels on your TV display, or loose connections or wiring inside the TV itself. Both of these issues can be repaired.

A common sign of loose wiring is if the line on your display changes when the TV is moved.

“My television isn’t producing any sound!”

Issues with audio are often caused by the problems affecting your display… as described above, begin by checking that all inputs are connected tightly.

Next, cycle through channels and different connected devices to see if the problem can be isolated to a single input. If you find that a single device is not producing sound, such as a DVD player or a video game console, there is likely nothing wrong with the television itself. You may be able to regain audio simply by switching the audio input to the device you are currently using.

If everything is properly connected, and none of your audio channels or inputs are producing any sound, it is time to explore the possibility that something may be damaged inside your TV.

It could, of course, by a wiring issue. But in most cases, especially if the TV has had power problems, it may be the result of damage to the internal speakers.

“My TV refuses to turn on!”

Although this may sound obvious, most power issues relating to televisions are the result of a power outage.

Are other electronic devices working in your home?

Did a circuit breaker snap off?

Did a power bar switch off?

If everything is working as it should, attempt to unplug the television and plug it back in. For best results, plug it directly into the wall rather than a power bar or extension cord.

Did this solve the problem?

Is the power cable securely plugged both into the TV and into the wall?

Also, are you attempting to turn on your TV from the unit itself rather than a remote? Remember that the issue could be with the remote itself, or the remote may simply be in need of new batteries.

If your TV still will not power on, it is possible that you have a loose power connection, or the fuse inside the TV has burned out.

If you live near Cleveland, Ohio, this would be a great time to contact our team of professionals at Target PC Inc. We can quickly diagnose the problem with your TV, and then give you an estimate to repair it back to working order.