9 Signs You Have a Computer Virus

9 Signs You Have a Computer Virus

If you’re looking for signs you have a computer virus, chances are you already do. The reason you are searching for this information is most likely because your computer is behaving in an unusual way.

Computers are designed to function in predictable and linear patterns. Once you begin observing abnormal activity, you may already be infected.

While there is no sure way to determine whether or not you have a virus from a blog post alone, any of the following nine points are probable signs you have a computer virus.

1. Phantom Hardware

Watch for your hardware operating on its own without you commanding it to. This may include your printer printing or your CD-ROM drive opening.

These are both strong signs you have a computer virus.

2. Slow Performance

Depending on what you are doing with your computer, you may experience slower processing times with certain tasks.

If, however, you find your entire system is performing abnormally slow with even the most basic of tasks, you may have a virus.

3. Difficult Startups

If your computer has recently started taking an abnormally long time to start up, or presents you with unfamiliar content while it is starting up, you may also have a virus.

4. Frequent Crashes

Yes, computers will freeze or crash from time-to-time. What you want to look for in this instance is frequent crashes, often occurring every few minutes.

This is potentially more dangerous if it seems that your computer crashes when you are not using it.

5. Missing Files

The absence of critical files – the kind that power your applications or operating system – is one of many telltale signs you have a computer virus.

This is also true in the event that your personal documents or files seemingly vanish.

6. Inaccessible Disks

Are a number of your disk drives missing?

Worse, perhaps they are visible but you are unable to access them?

Both of these scenarios could be caused by an unwanted virus.

7. Unusual Files

Should you find files you don’t recognize, do not open them. This is especially true in the case of applications.

An easy way to tell is by monitoring your hard drive usage. If it inexplicably tripled in used storage overnight, that is not a good sign.

8. Excessive Popup Windows

Aside from popup windows being annoying, they can also be a sign of a virus. This is especially true if they open when you are not actively using your web browser.

9. Strange Error Messages

Strange error messages refers not only to obvious ads, but may also include garbled text and gibberish.

It is a common scam to install a virus on computers that indicates that you have a system issue – and the only way to correct it is by buying whatever product the error message is selling.

Please do not comply with whatever these fake warning messages tell you to do.

“I Believe I Have a Virus…”

Over the past nearly two decades, Target PC Inc. has seen its fair share of laptop and desktop computer viruses.

If you believe your computer may have a virus, it is best that you discontinue using it. Contact us right away, or call (440) 725-0642 for immediate service.

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