Can iPads Get a Virus? Is It Even Possible?

can ipads get a virus

According to the Apple community and web experts, yes and no. Mostly, no. Here are the best answers we found to the question, can iPads get a virus?

  • Yes, you can get malware on an iPad if you install apps from untrusted sources (Anything outside of the Apple App Store). However, you cannot get a virus from simply going to a website. This is because the process of installing an app from a third-party source requires your interaction and can’t be done in the background.
  • No, there are no known IOS viruses that can infect an iPad or an iPhone.
  • It happened once, but not any more. A few hackers have learned how to target Apple gadgets with malware. One threat, called Wirelurker, discovered in November 2014, could get into a desktop computer and wait for it to be connected to an iPad. Then it would install malware to steal data and sensitive information. But Apple updated its security to help detect the Wirelurker malware, and now your computer will give you a warning if a program you are launching has malware on it.
  • Yes, under certain conditions. Your iPad can only become infected if you have interfered with it – a process called “jailbreaking.” Here is a description from Kim Komando’s website:

Now anyone who uses Apple gadgets probably already knows that Apple runs a pretty tight ecosystem. iOS only runs on Apple hardware and Apps are only available from the Apple App Store – unless your gadget is “jailbroken.”

What’s “jailbreaking”? It’s an off-warranty option for tinkerers and techies to unlock under-the-hood options on iOS devices.

… When you first get a new iPhone, it comes preloaded with apps and programs that are difficult and sometimes impossible to remove.

Some people get frustrated with their phones, and others find a way around the restrictions. Getting around these software restrictions is called jailbreaking your phone.

The bottom line is, don’t jailbreak your Apple device. But if you have already done it, you can log in to the Kim Komando website and get instructions on how to wipe your iPad clean of any malware and start over with factory settings.

There are no known iOS viruses and no anti-virus apps targeted at the iPad or iPhone.

Anti-malware utilities are available for the iPad and related devices, although some reviewers dispute whether these are actually necessary.

Protect your iPad by updating it regularly through iTunes, and back up your important data. Always be careful when downloading new applications; only use apps you can trust.

For models that support “airplane mode,” consider engaging this when you’re not actually using the Internet via your iPad. Airplane mode disables the wireless connectivity features of your iPad, preventing your iPad from connecting to the Web without your knowledge.

So our best answer to the question, can iPads get a virus, is maybe. We’re not sure and we can’t get Apple to give us an answer.

We’re sorry we can’t be more certain about this. But the good news is, it is very, very unlikely that you will get a virus or malware on your iPhone or iPad if you have not jailbroken it.

If, however, you feel your iPad is operating strangely, please contact us at Target PC. We would be happy to give it a look.